Celebrating You

Rosalie at At One Wellness can change your life.

Rosalie is observant, caring and compassionate and has incredible insight into the needs of her clients. She is willing to challenge your long-held beliefs and help give you perspective on the issues you are grappling with.

I must admit at first I was a skeptic, but after dealing with panic attacks and anxiety for a number of years, I had nothing to lose. I am now much more self aware of my own idiosyncrasies and am able to recognize and deal with the symptoms of my anxiety so much better, that I barely ever have any issues with it anymore. 

- J.J. 

Amazing. Each session builds upon the other so you have more personal understanding of situations, helping you to react. 

I have peace and understanding of where I am now and the experiences I have gone through to get here, gaining momentum forward.

- Mind Body Sessions & BreakThrough Mentorship Participant

I've been very happy with all the services I've had. I'm improving mentally and emotionally. I came into this not knowing what to expect.

I had recently lost both my parents and had been grieving very hard for 3 years. After my MER I have been able to move forward and release a lot of pain. I'm not completely done grieving but have made tremendous growth. 

I've learned that I carry a lot of things from my past and generationally that can actually be released. 

I've actually received enlightenment from your services and I've received better results from BodyTalk than other healing services which I've been going to for years. 

I really appreciate how kind and loving you are. 

- Kristen,
Mind Body Sessions & MER Participant