Let's Work Together


Rosalie here, let's get you to where you want to be.

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You have much to get done. You know you can do it. You are doing it. And, yet you are so busy giving to everyone else that there is little left for you. 

You have a beautiful life, but your mind doesn’t turn off to be able to enjoy it.

You do ALL the things, but the list never ends.

You schedule the massages and treatments, but the relaxation and peace do not last.

You never want to let anyone down, but you feel like there is nothing left in you to give.

Overthinking leaves you stuck, anxious and exhausted, but you do not sleep well.

Some resentment and negative thoughts have been building for a while.

Have you ever asked yourself...


Where do I find the time for me?

How much more can I add to my day?

Why am I always overthinking?

How can I stay on track + consistent?

What is the first step?

So where do you even begin?

.     .     .
Let's get you to where you want to be!

Core Values

Within my practice, I hold these four values at the core of everything we do.


Dive deeper through a playful lens of curiosity


Ignite awareness and reflection through personal accountability


Embody your authentic self through effective tools and resources

Higher Purpose

Step into alignment easily and effortlessly

What Clients
Say About Me:

I asked my clients to share a word they would use to describe me, here is what they came up with:

  • Caring. Cuz you do!
  • Honest & inviting
  • Calming
  • Compassionate
  • Centered
  • Enlightening
  • Transformational 
  • Next level. You know how to help people reach their potential and achieve big things!
  • Supportive. You always help me and there is never any judgment. I feel safe and loved.
  • Innovative & caring
  • Changemaker. You’ve had a significant positive impact on the lives of so many women! 
  • One word?? Hmmm. Vital. You’re important to help keep things aligned and in balance.
  • Amazing! Rosalie has so many tools to assist a person with their health & wellness.
  • Serene. The environment is calm and peaceful, I am so relaxed from the moment I arrive. 

Living Proof Breakthrough & Mentorship

Personalized for the Highly Sensitive Individual, this is the most powerful way to move you forward to being yourself again. Fully aware, fully confident, and fully alive. We asked, how will you receive the greatest results in the shortest amount of time with the simplest process? This is the answer. 

Break free from negative emotional baggage through a simple process.
Finally feel seen, heard, and understood.
Release the chains of the past and step into your bright future.

Schedule a call with us to find out if you’re a fit for our proven process:


Live with More Joy Today

Living Proof Breakthrough Day Intensive

  • Welcome Package
  • 6–8 hour Breakthrough Intensive
    • Time dedicated to you
    • Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Experience
    • Gratitude Ceremony

  • 60 minute Future-Focused Goal Integration Session,
    post Breakthrough

Custom Take-Home Resources:

  • Breakthrough Meditation MP3
  • Personally Curated Daily Affirmations MP3




I want In!

Living Proof Breakthrough 1:1 & Mentorship

This Package includes everything in the Breakthrough Intensive, plus: 

  • Four Month Premium Access to Rosalie
  • 90 minute Post-Breakthrough Mental Emotional Release (MER) Session 

Six Mentorship Sessions:
45-60 minutes

  • Future-Focused Goal Integration Session
  • Mind Body Session
  • Consultation and Regroup
  • Personal Hypnosis Session
  • Personal Practice Devleopment
  • Closing Celebration Ceremony
Time for Transformation!

I have learned to love myself and everything that makes me unique. 


I have never been able to say no. I said yes to anything and everything even when it was detrimental to myself and family. After my Breakthrough Day Intensive, I started saying no to little things which was huge for me.

I started saying how I truly felt and more and more boundaries came up. It is all very liberating. 

With the knowledge I have now, I can break generational cycles and trauma for my own children.

I have become more mindful and am setting life enhancing boundaries.

I am no longer a shell--I am happy and healthy. Life changing!



Living Proof Breakthrough Participant

Next-Level. You know how to help people reach their potential and achieve big things!


Empowered, grounded and in sync! The emotions and symptoms that were holding me back were released. 

I experienced a complete mind shift and being able to be aware of my emotions and actions and how to process them. Also, releasing old emotions and getting out of patterns that were not positive. 

Being able to change my thinking and mindset is extremely powerful! I seriously have a different outlook on life now. 


Living Proof Breakthrough

& Mentorship Participant

Your Body Mind Wellness  

Your personal healing sessions are focused on you and your next steps!

With my guidance, we will spend time peacefully pausing, practicing inward gentleness with curiosity-- so you can live more joyfully, gaining clarity and momentum. 

This can include BodyTalk, Mental Emotional Release, NLP, and other resources while incorporating key tools like breath work, meditation, sound therapy including singing bowls, and ‘personal mantras’ to calm your nervous system and provide space for you to find you. I’m here to be your guide in your wildest--or the more daily-grind type of adventures. 


Mental Emotional Release®

Release and heal negative emotions + beliefs holding you back. Integrate life’s lessons so you can create a new future.

Included in all Living-Proof Emotional Alchemy private 1:1 programs + containers.

Explore the Benefits

Knowing where to start. Rosalie really introduced me into the concept of mental well-being. I didn't realize it was a thing until I incorporated Bodytalk into my personal development practice.

Working with Rosalie and the programs she has development is a great place to start for anyone looking to improve their health and mental well-being.


- Bill

Body Mind Wellness Sessions

Encouraging, Trustworthy, Kind, & Non-judgemental.

I always love the calm I feel after and knowing if I do the work I will see positive changes. 

Looking back I realize how many layers I’ve peeled off and I continue to grow into a better version of myself. 

I love my sessions, they are part of my self care.

I’m a new me.

- Body Mind Wellness Sessions & MER Participant